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In the meantime, have a look at the stories from our colleagues

Simona Čaputová

Consultant Programme Leadership Team
at ttopstart in the Netherlands

Being a project manager and a consultant at ttopstart gets me involved in many interesting EU-funded projects in the Life Sciences and Health sector.

Hester van Middelkoop

Compliance Consultant
at ffiqs in the Netherlands

Providing our clients with the assurance that they meet all requirements gives me great satisfaction. This also leads me to liaise between our clients and the grant providers. In the end I find that this gives my clients a lot of comfort.

Jeanett Bolther

Team Manager Transport and Mobility
at PNO Consultants in Spain

Gathering the pieces of the puzzle to get the strongest consortium of them all is what I really enjoy  (the bigger the better!) and the lobbying, networking, proposal writing and project coordination activities are all focused on creating these new contacts that we can all make use of in the future.

Andrea Rausa

Senior Consultant and Team Manager Energy and Environment
at CiaoTech in Italy

As a Senior Consultant, Andrea supports highly complex and large projects, dealing mostly with infrastructure in the energy transition and environment domains. Although Italian (and officially based in Rome), Andrea is stationed in Berlin, Germany. He gets inspired by innovations that disrupt the market – for the better.