PNO Group successfully participates in bio-based projects

June 28, 2023

Over the past few years, PNO Group has gained extensive experience in bio-based projects. So much so, that we have now participated in several projects as a partner. Because we have rock-solid confidence in the growing importance of bio-based and because our innovation and funding expertise can take projects to the next level. Witness the thirteen BBI JU/CBE JU funded projects of which seven are earmarked as Flagship projects.

A budget of 2 billion euros

As you no doubt know, the European Union attaches great importance to the development of a strong bio-based industry. The aim is to realize solutions and innovations with a focus on bio-based chemicals, materials, food and feed ingredients and soil nutrients. The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda sets out the strategic priorities and essential research and innovation actions, while funding and implementation is through the public-private partnership Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking. For the period 2021 – 2031, the total budget for CBE JU is 2 billion euros. The CBE JU programme is the successor to the BBI JU (Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking). Funding is provided by the European Union and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC).

Wide variety of projects

‘Where no man has ever gone before’ may sound a bit too science fiction but judging by the projects we have had the pleasure of supervising in recent years, the innovativeness in the bio-based community knows no limits. To name a few:

    • AgriChemWhey – seeks to build a first-of-a kind, industrial-scale bio-refinery which will take by-products from the dairy processing industry and convert them into cost competitive, sustainable lactic acid
    • FARMŸNG – production of proteins for food and feed applications from alternative, sustainable sources (such as mealworms)
    • Bioskoh – showcases how a number of innovation stepping stones can realise a breakthrough in techno-economic viability of lignocellulosic bio-refineries
    • After-Biochem – will build the first biorefinery on the “CHEMESIS” chemical platform
    • Scale – aims to build one of the very first industrial production units for natural ingredients derived from microalgae
    • ReSolute – dedicated to the construction of the first industrial CyreneTM production unit
    • SylPlant – develops solutions to deliver next generation protein ingredients and supports its industrial deployment in France
    • Valuemag – seeks to develop a revolutionary solution for microalgae cultivation and harvesting to produce and purify high-value biomolecules in an affordable, environmentally friendly way
    • Biobesticides – aims to validate and demonstrate the production of an effective and economical biopesticide to combat one of the most destructive diseases in vineyards
    • EXCornsFED – aims to the separation, fractionation and isolation of biologically active natural substances from corn oil and other side streams to be used in food, specialty chemicals and cosmetic markets
    • Biopen – a platform for accelerating and supporting development of bio-based industries and downstream sectors
    • Demeter – demonstrates a more efficient enzyme production to increase biogas yields

It seems hardly possible not to be impressed by the enormous innovative power of these projects, and the vigour with which solutions to major problems are sought. We are therefore delighted that the EU has made a total of 145 million euros (including 123 million euros for so-called Flagship projects) available for these projects. And we are especially proud that various labels within PNO Group participated in these projects and provided knowledge, capacity, and support in areas like project management, communication & dissemination, stakeholder analysis or the setting up of exploitation.

What does the bio-based future look like? A call for new projects

  • Accelerate the innovation process and development of bio-based innovative solutions
  • Accelerate market deployment of the existing mature and innovative bio-based solutions
  • Ensure a high level of environmental performance of bio-based industrial systems

These are the three main goals of the CBE JU, and to reach them, they call on you. At this moment, there is a call still open until 20 September 2023, with a total budget of 215.5 million euros. Every good idea, every promising partnership and every started project is welcome to be assessed. With the above eleven successful projects on our name, PNO Group is more than equipped to help a promising initiative move on to the next level.

Want to know more?

If you are curious about one or more of the above projects or would like to spar with one of our bio-based experts, please feel free to contact us. We would also be happy to help take your project to the next level.

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