PNO Group and Bencis Capital Partners join hands to speeds up international growth strategy

April 07, 2023

Grants and innovation consultancy PNO Group and Bencis Capital Partners join hands to further develop PNO Group’s growth path together. PNO has set a healthy performance curve over the years, which has resulted in a solid foundation for further development. Understanding the specialist industry in which PNO operates makes Bencis the ideal strategic partner to help grow PNO Group into the leading European grants and innovation consultancy in the coming years.

With roots dating back to 1985, PNO is not only the oldest, but also one of the most solid grants and innovation consultancies in Europe. By combining unique and high-quality services with success rates in European grants well above average for years in a row, PNO has managed to build an unrivalled client portfolio. PNO Group CEO Peter Zwart: “We have worked hard in recent years to further strengthen our business. In doing so, we gratefully drew on the vast expertise and enthusiasm of the people who make PNO what it is today: a dynamic club of committed professionals who wish only the best for their clients and through them for our society.”

“Over the years we have shown sound growth, both organically and through partnerships. At the same time, we have pursued a constant renewal and broadening of our services range – something that will allow us to continue to meet increasingly complex market demands in the long term. Now, with the help of Bencis we are able to further improve the quality of services in our core business of grants and innovation by attracting and retaining the most talented innovation consultants and by expanding our product range, enabling us, for example, to support investors in their scouting and evaluation of tech-oriented companies. Meanwhile, through the development of new AI-based tooling, we expect to enable both our innovative clients as well as ourselves to perform even better, faster and more successfully. An exciting future, and I look forward to seizing the opportunities ahead with our new partner”, according to Peter Zwart.

Jacob Versteeg of Bencis: “Extraordinary things are happening in the market in which PNO Group operates. Whether their clients work on a regional, national or European scale, they always contribute in one way or another to the larger goals of our time. Think energy transition and climate, care and health, innovation, economic development. For this reason alone, as well as the enormous professionalism PNO takes on new challenges, we have great faith in PNO’s future, and are delighted to help them achieve their ambitions.”


PNO Group is a grants and innovation consultancy with a strong foothold in Europe’s most innovative economies. With over 400 highly skilled staff, the group contributes to the missions formulated by national governments as well as the EU by supporting SMEs, large industries, academic organisations and research institutions in their innovation projects. PNO offers a wide spectrum of services in the field of grants, strategic innovation advisory, compliance, IT-tooling, legal and communication.


Bencis is an independent investment company that supports business owners and management teams in achieving their growth ambitions. Working out of offices in Amsterdam and Brussels, and more recently in Düsseldorf, Bencis has been investing in strong and successful businesses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany since 1999.

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