Download the Horizon Europe magazine and create a funding strategy with impact

May 20, 2022

The PNO Group has created an online magazine about the Horizon Europe programme. The magazine offers a detailed overview of all programme components, as well as practical looks at topics as gender equality, impact and how to successfully apply. With this tool you will create a funding strategy with impact!


The Horizon Europe magazine gives you a complete overview of the most important and new features within Horizon Europe. You will learn:

  • what the objectives and the novelties are of the Horizon Europe programme (explained in a one-minute video)
  • why gender equality is important in Horizon Europe
  • how to write a successful proposal
  • the difference between the three pillars and six clusters
  • how to improve your Horizon Europe chances
  • how to successfully implement the impact requirements in your proposal
  • the definitions of terms frequently used in Horizon Europe in our glossary.


Would you like to receive the free online magazine? Go to this website and download the brand-new Horizon Europe Magazine. Have fun reading and watching!


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