Our planet and us

Things that really matter

We have many things to be grateful for, and our beautiful planet is one of them. In fact, that is one of the reasons why we are here. The overall wellbeing of our society is what brought our people together. While they work on bolstering green innovations, fostering social inclusion, and enabling groundbreaking new therapies, as a group we also take responsibility for our environment.

In our daily work we constantly meet people who want to move forward. Usually it is about innovation. For example, to produce a product more efficiently. Using less energy. Or to develop something new that contributes to people’s well-being and health. This inspires us time and time again. And makes us more conscious, too. So, it is only natural that in our work and our way of working we take responsibility for the world around us, by using our knowledge, experience, and competences for the greater good.

Our CSR policy is based on three pillars:

  • climate and environment: to protect our environment, as a service provider we can make a difference in a number of areas in our support processes, such as:
    • enabling working from home
    • meetings online or by phone
    • encouraging the use of electric driving
    • discouraging printing and copying
    • facilitation of effective team initiatives.
  • our employees: we strive for happy, dedicated, and healthy employees. We want to offer our people job satisfaction by creating a healthy and inspiring work environment. We do this, among other things, by
    • offering challenging work that does justice to our people’s talents and competences
    • offering extensive training and development programs
    • provide room for fun and social activities.
  • society: in our view, innovation is crucial in order to meet many societal challenges. In this respect, we are happy to share our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of innovation, for instance by advising our clients on efficiency opportunities in (innovation) processes.

As a group, we encourage our business divisions to further elaborate on these pillars and come up with effective yet feasible steps to implement this policy.